Imagine being presented with candidates who not only have the right experience and skills but also the culture and values. The strength of a relationship between a hiring manager and head-hunter is based on trust. By working together, a standout data-driven recruitment process can be created so the hiring manager knows they are interviewing the […]

JIE+ Updates

September 27, 2023

Trust in the Recruitment Process

Let’s keep it brief and look at the obvious actions.  Share your thoughts. 

JIE+ Updates

September 27, 2023

It’s Your Job Search – Sell Yourself

I have been asked many times on an initial approach email “What’s the salary range?” When asking for the Basic Salary / OTE range, are you asking the right question? NO! You’re not getting the full extent of the package and more importantly you’re not considering what you would consider from a total financial perspective […]


April 12, 2023

Whats the Salary Range?

“Your team is highly successful, they are achieving their targets and you’re set for the next quarter but you start to receive resignations from your top performers – Why?“ According to PwC’s Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey (May 2022) almost 20% of UK workers expect to quit in the next 12 months stating low salary, […]


March 15, 2023

Why Do Top Performers Leave?

Office worker at work with laptop

The landscape for pay has changed rapidly in the last 12-18 months. The tech industry has seen significant pay increases, redundancies and now the finance people have placed a hold to the spending and are asking for returns. Well-financed startup companies offered increasingly high salaries in an attempt to lure you, however this is changing. […]


February 1, 2023

The State of Pay in the Software Industry

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”, Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon. Prospective candidates are no longer just reading the job description, they want an employer brand and employee experience matching their expectations. A strong employer brand differentiates you from the competition. Defining your employer brand enables you […]


January 3, 2023

Are you attracting, hiring and retaining the right candidates?

Today’s Tech Market: Have we sacrificed profit and positive financial business operating for growth? According to the Blossom Street Ventures article in August 2022 — since October 2017, 73 software businesses have gone public. Using the spend guidelines in the article: A key mantra for any software business with ambition is growth. However, should we […]


December 21, 2022

Is it time to be honest? The truth can hurt. However, the truth enables us to identify solutions.

With economic uncertainty, is it time for you to review your CV and LinkedIn page? With the recruitment processes becoming increasingly automated, how can applicants optimise their CVs and LinkedIn profiles so that they stand out from the crowd?  Many hiring managers and recruiters now use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help them identify […]


November 21, 2022

CV and LinkedIn Optimisation – what are hiring managers looking for?

Challenges for employees seeking career progression in a remote working environment are: Recognition Visibility The fewer days in the office, the less they may be seen by leaders and people with influence, and the more difficult it may be to build important relationships. Consequently, employees may be overlooked for important meetings and assignments. At the […]


September 20, 2022

Career Development in Remote Working Environment

As the pace of technology speeds up with every year that passes, it’s vital that employees, especially those working in the Tech Industry keep up with that change. At the moment in the UK we’re experiencing what’s been called ‘The Great Resignation’, with almost 40% of employees saying that they are looking to leave their […]


October 18, 2021

If your employees aren’t learning you’re at risk of losing them