We work with the leaders of VC backed Software Businesses who value our advice and expertise in hiring high performing individuals and teams.

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Everything we do, we believe in.



Having a committed and “never give up” approach to achieving the highest standards when working with intelligent and high performing individuals in the software industry enabling them to succeed and win.



Making an impact on the software market through our commitment to enable our clients to identify the high performing individuals for every role through processes that are robust, transparent and honest.



At JIE+ Search, we identify and hire talent to build successful software businesses:
• Resulting in millions of dollars in revenue
• Enabling our clients to hire high performing individuals and teams
• While significantly reducing both the COST and TIME to hire


why jie?

At JIE Search, we support VC backed software vendors to build high performing teams. We hire go-to-market functions including leadership, sales, pre-sales, professional services, operational support and marketing functions. Supporting businesses to:

• Hire their first European employee
• Hire and built their European team
• Hire additional team members to support growth

As well as identifying talent for hires, we:
• Support and manage throughout the recruitment process
• Advise on suitable candidate profiles and talent markets
• Advise on salary budgets and expectations – salary surveys if required
• Background referencing on identified talent
• Advise on HR and start-up process

Through our robust, transparent and honest process, we eliminate recruitment risks. We do this is by:

• Targeting and attracting the right candidates:
- With industry leading research, we map top talent and identify the very best talent in the software industry
- Position the role, opportunity, and vision with the candidate: Through branding and positioning, we can motivate A players join your business.
• Fact-based processes throughout the candidate qualification
- In-depth and thorough face-to-face interviewing gaining factual evidence
- Bespoke competency matrix / screening for every role
- Cross referencing experience with CV, social media accounts and knowledge
- Clear and precise understanding of current package and offer expectations
• Deliver a candidate shortlist providing multiple candidates for review and selection
• Process management throughout interview, offer and resignation and commencement of employment

How do we do it?

What we do

JIE+ Search was founded by Adam in 2015. JIE was created by the initials of he and his wife's three wonderful children.

JIE in Mandarin (接) means "to connect" or "to join". 

At JIE+ Search, we work with the leaders of VC backed Software Businesses who value our advice and expertise in hiring high performing individuals and teams.

Adam Tully

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