In today’s fast-moving VC software business market matching high-performing individuals and teams can be challenging. At JIE+ Search we work together with business leaders to offer advice and expertise to find the perfect match.

Customer Successes

Because without believing in every single thing we do, we wouldn’t have the success we have already achieved. 
Our belief began at the very inception of JIE+ Search, and has seen us grow and succeed. It’s a concept we’re proud of and one we want to share with you.

We believe:

- That a commitment to a robust, transparent and honest process for both our clients and our candidates achieves tangible results
- In providing the highest standards of service
- In helping high-performing individuals reach their career goals and contributing to the growth of global software disruptors

At the core of our values is a very simple word:


Having a committed and “never give up” approach to achieving the highest standards when working with intelligent and high performing individuals in the software industry enabling them to succeed and win.



Making an impact on the software market through our commitment to enable our clients to identify the high performing individuals for every role through processes that are robust, transparent and honest.



At JIE+ Search, we identify and hire talent to build successful software businesses:
• Resulting in millions of dollars in revenue
• Enabling our clients to hire high performing individuals and teams
• While significantly reducing both the COST and TIME to hire


why jie?

At JIE Search we enable VC-backed software businesses to grow their high-performance teams, thanks to our wide network of connections.

We support businesses across the EMEA region looking for talented go-to-market professionals in leadership roles, sales and pre-sales functions, consulting services and marketing functions.

Our international reputation and expertise means that we can assist you in hiring the best talent, whether you need an individual or a team, as well as supporting your growth with additional team members when you need them.

We’re committed to offering support and management throughout the entire process, whether you’re a client or a candidate.

We also offer advice on: 
- Identifying talented candidate profiles with specific talent markets
- Salary budgets and expectations 
- Background references
- HR start-up processes

We have always worked to eliminate recruitment risks, both for the client and the candidate. We achieve this through a robust, transparent and honest process which targets and attracts the right candidates. 

Firstly, our innovative and industry-leading research enables us to map top talent and identify future software stars. 

After targeting the most suitable candidates we position the role, highlight its opportunities and share the company’s vision with them, outlining branding and positioning to motivate A-class players to join your team.

We rely on fact-based procedures throughout the whole process which include in-depth and thorough face-to-face interviews in order to gain a more thorough knowledge of the candidate’s skills, knowledge and personality. We also offer bespoke competency matrix screening for every role, detailed cross referencing with the candidate’s CV and social media accounts as well as delivering precise package and offer expectations. 

We’ll deliver a shortlist of suitable candidates so you can review and select the most suitable person, and throughout we’ll offer support to the candidates in terms of interview, offer, resignation and commencement of employment.

What we do

JIE (接): to connect, to join.
JIE+ Search was founded in 2015 by Adam Tully, a technology recruitment expert with more than 20 years of experience working with high-growth software businesses.
Using a data-driven and tailored hiring process, JIE+ Search helps VC-backed software vendors secure top talent and build high performing teams that enable businesses to achieve their growth, revenue and exit goals.

Adam Tully

About JIE+Search


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